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Personalized face and body treatments in the heart of New York City


Our Treatments

Cleusa Beauty Space works with unique, predesigned treatments each aiming at a specific goal. All treatments begin with cleansing, exfoliating and extraction, and can be personalized according to the needs of each client.

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75 MIN - $115

A signature treatment for all skin types that do not need special restorative care. Classic and comprehensive, this facial provides intense moisturizing, leaving the skin with a plumped and rested effect. 


Facial Lymphatic Drainage
60 min - $115

A technique that stimulates lymph vessels and glands to help eliminate watery stagnation from the tissues, while improving body fluids’ flow. This massage improves edema, slow lymph flow and reduces stress. It is also great for detoxification, as well as pre and post operative care.

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Men's Glow Skin
75 min - $125

This facial is uniquely tailored to address the needs of men’s skin, such as bumps and ingrown hair that result from daily shaving. The treatment helps eliminate impurities found in the skin, while reducing signs of fatigue and daily stress.


quench BODY WRAP
75 min - $195

Perfectly made to relax and hydrate your entire body. The quench of a full-body exfoliation using marine salts, red algae and grape seeds and is followed by a high-mineralizing body mask and a full-body massage. Using Phytomer’s Ultra Nourishing Body Cream, this treatment gives the body full replenishing and revitalization.


Acnipur blemish control
75 min - $135

An intensive cleansing program that improves skin troubled by congestion, blemishes and excessive oiliness. With a combination of professional multi-acid peel, acne mask and LED technology, this treatment acts quickly to give the skin a visibly healthier, clean look. Includes a follow-up consultation after seven days.

Vie Anti-Aging Renewal
90 min - $185

Recommended for mature and dry skin, this revitalizing treatment resurfaces the youthful aspects of the skin. A Microcrystal exfoliation combined with the application of high-technology serums minimize deep wrinkles, uplifting the skin. An EGF Plasticizing Mask is then applied, plumping the complexion. The results reveal a smoother, firmer and more vibrant skin.


Vitamin C illumination
75 MIN - $125

Using products containing Vitamin C, this results-oriented facial is intended to diminish dark spots (also caused by sun-damage), while evening out skin tones. Vitamin C is efficient to regenerate and clear the skin, smoothing wrinkles and expression lines. With a high volume of antioxidants, this will also protect your skin. A brightening mask is used to achieve an instant radiance for a glowing complexion.


Teen Clean skin facial
60 MIN - $95

Designed to attend to the needs of youth between the ages of 13-18, when breakouts and blackheads are common. This treatment is focused primarily on deep cleansing and extraction, promoting the soothing and balancing of the skin. 

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This treatment combines Ultrasound Cavitation, Radio Frequency and a Bamboo massage with Reduxcel Cream by top-Brazilian brand Adcos. Reduxcel contains pure caffeine and marine algae, and when combined with massage, its essential active ingredients induce the lipolysis and help to remodel the body tissues, reducing inches and localized fat. It also helps to break the nodosity from cellulite—all while redefining your silhouette.


75 MIN - $135

Cleans the impurities of the back's skin through deep cleansing and double exfoliation with hydroxyl acid. This rebalancing and calming treatment for your skin also includes a soothing scalp massage.


About us

Cleusa’s Beauty Space is an intimate place that offers a unique experience you can’t find within a large spa. Owner and practicing esthetician Cleusa Paula provides all treatments herself. She has the ability to customize the treatments in a way that suits not only the needs of her clients’ skincare, but also their body and soul. The Beauty Space setting allows for undivided attention for all clients.

Cleusa is an experienced skin care therapist passionate about the preservation of the beauty and health of the skin. With over 14 years of experience, Cleusa is constantly studying and working for the most positive results for each client, as she looks at each skin differently and comes up with the appropriate treatments. Her goal is to make sure her clients are satisfied with the results, and she does everything in her power to keep their skin flawless.